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If you would like to be added, please ask me! Chances are I will probably add you, unless I have good reasons not to, but it would be nice if you could tell me how you discovered my LJ and why you want to add me. I have no interest in adding people who just want to increase their friend list. So, if you really want to read my ramblings (I can't garantee how often I'll write, btw, I'm notoriously very bad at keeping a journal updated) just comment on this post.

That being said, I hope you'll enjoy the visit...Beware of becoming addicted to my opium fruit cake, teehee ~

The end

Yes, I think this is the end of this blog. I need to move on, I'll probably keep it for sales only. Don't worry, this doesn't mean I'm leaving LJ, I'll still be reading and commenting your journals. But every now and then I have to go somewhere else, and I don't write enough here to justify staying, I would have to start all over but I don't like the idea of erasing everything.
I've already started a new journal, much less personal, I won't be writing about myself so much, but rather I'll be practising my writing, so I hope this will give me fresh motivation to write daily or at least a couple times a week. It will be in French this time, I might do a bit of translation, but only a bit.
I'm not giving the new address...I like it better that people find it by chance, after some time, when I've already written quite a bit in it. Take it as a challenge to myself, definitely not as a feeling of superiority or something. However, for those who really are interested in reading, here's a clue : in my blog's name, there's the name of a mythological fruit. Good luck ;).

P.S. I know my clue isn't all that helpful. But if you know me well you'll end up finding...maybe ^^.

(no subject)

There's going to be a concert on the 6th of March in Paris!! Please come to see us. Also, we *should* have a 4-track cd ready to be sold, along with free stickers. If you would like to buy a ticket, pre-orders are cheaper so you can just drop me a line any time before the given date.

All information on our Myspace

New Year sale / vente

It's time for some closet cleaning, to start the new year afresh!


Je fais un peu de rangement pour la nouvelle année et par la même occasion je vide mes placards!
Je peux réduire les frais de port pour la France ou faire des remises en main propre sur Paris.

Collapse )

There's still some jewelery for sale here :
Please note all the clothing is sold, only the jewelery is left.

Spend 100 euros or more and you'll get the Alice bracelet for free!!

Happy shopping!


New pics

Check out some shots of Amaranthys rehearsing on our Myspace, in "Pictures"!

By the way, I've decided that all posts related to the band will now be public.

YukiUmi nails

I will soon be selling nails from YukiUmi shop as a Moniumi.
I'll keep this post updated.


Je vais bientôt vendre des faux ongles YukiUmi (nail art japonais) en tant qu'intermédiaire Moniumi.
Plus d'informations prochainement.

Shopping service and sales journal

I've just started a Paris shopping service!
My terms are : I charge 10% on the price of the item + paypal fee if any + shipping fee
I ship worldwide and can go in about any shop in Paris you can think of, including of course, Baby the stars shine bright.
I have some feedback as a seller on ebay and on loligoth_dbs

Please leave feedback by commenting on this post!

Also, if you have bought some things from me on LJ, or if I have bought some things from you, please leave feedback here too :)